Little Francis "Marigolds" (2019)

Flamingo Shadow "All Way Down" (2018)

Mona "Lean Into The Fall" (2011)

Dead Confederate "Vacations" (2013)

Senryu "White Elephant" (2014)

Photo Ops "I'd Be Dead" (2016)

The Whigs "Rock and Roll Forever" (2013)

Kevin Devine "She Can See Me (Full Cycle)" (2014)

Lil Iffy "Start Believing" (2013)

Mona "Trouble On The Way" (2010)

Photo Ops "You Make Me Cry" (2012)

Mona "Lines In The Sand" (2012)

Lil Iffy "Sorted For Greatness" (2012)

Photo Ops "You Said You Were" (2012)

Senryu "Burial Dance" (2010)

Lil Iffy "Wandcore" (2012)

Senryu "Superchurch" (2010)

Mona "At The Basement MiniDoc"

Mona "Listen To Your Love" (2010)

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